Sample SPC charts

Our Demand Analysis tool allows you to easily load your own data, we then automatically create your Statistical Process Control charts. (Often called capability charts)

A control chart consists of:

  • Data – Points representing a statistic of measurements of a quality characteristic in samples taken from the process at different times [
  • Average  Line – The average of this statistic using all the samples is calculated
  • Control Limits – Upper and lower control limits that indicate the threshold at which the process output is considered statistically ‘unlikely’ and are drawn typically at 3 standard errors from the centre line
  • There may be a number of average, UCL & LCL lines where we have detected a significant alteration in the pattern of your data and have split the data – You can often see visual pattern changes over time, this indicates that something in the system has changed and we automatically represent this for you on the chart.



We have loaded the following samples.


UK inflation since :





UK GDP variation

1955 – Quarter by Quarter analysis

uk-gdp-1955-quarter1955 – Year on Year analysis


UK GDP variation

2000 – Quarter by Quarter analysis

uk-gdp-2000-quarter2000 – Year on Year analysis