Smartphone Quick-Capture

Smartphone enabled

Smartphone enabled

Tailored for Smartphone use – We understand that your front line staff are not always going to be sat in front of their computer.

With this in mind we have designed the Smartphone Quick-Capture tool to be used on the move by any smartphone, to enable you to capture customer demand as simply as possible. Our mobile platform does not lock you in to Android, Apple or Blackberry, but works on any smartphone.  We have built the mobile version of our solution to be used on the go with no ‘Apps’ to be installed or updated.


Secure LoginMobile Login

Your front-line staff will automatically be able to log in to the mobile version using their desktop authentication.  No data is stored directly on the device, reducing the risk of your data being exposed should a device be lost.  Your Administrator has the ability to restrict/suspend user accounts should a mobile device be lost / misplaced.

All information is encrypted to with 128-bit SSL over the HTTPS protocol, as safe as logging in to your bank.




Click and Swipe capture

By default your front-line staff will see the popular demand for their team or dealer group. Popular customer demand rises to the top to enable your staff to find and record customer demand in seconds. The main demand screen enables users to ‘Click, Swipe and Code’. Clicking to select the appropriate demand; Swiping the screen to the right to submit the demand; Code to categorise the demand by customer type. (These are configured by your business need)




Simple Search

SearchSearch your entire customer demand database in seconds, giving users full access to your customer demand database wherever they are in the world.

Results are returned in seconds – we understand that capturing  customer demand could be seen as a cost on your business, so we’ve made accessing your data as simple and fast as possible.Once results are returned you can click, swipe and code as usual.

Never seen before customer demand – where you come across completely new customer demand, that does not show up during a search, you can enter this here. This new customer demand is immediately visible to all other users, via mobile or desktop solutions.


Quick PicksQuick_pick

Our ‘Quick Picks’ feature allows your team leaders to group your ‘customer demand’  in to sensible business grouping, helping your staff easily access common types of customer demand, for example:

  • Billing – all billing related customer demand – helping staff who deal primarily with payment / billing queries have even easier access
  • Delivery issues – what did you not deliver on-time / my goods were broken

Quick picks is an optional feature but is often a useful introduction to our solution for new or infrequent users. This feature is enabled on both our mobile and desktop versions.

Simple coding



The mobile device version prompts the user to enter the customer type after submitting demand. For simplicity and speed of use the following capture items have been removed from the mobile device version :

  • Customer Reference
  • Comments
  • Follow-up questions
  • Customer configurable fields (up to 3 per client)





  • Capture customer demand on the go  – you can capture customer demand wherever you meet your customers – obtaining  a comprehensive view of your customers demand is not always possible while sat at your computer
  • Single point of truth – your customer demand database is shared across your desktop and mobile enabled staff – no merging of data when your mobile agents return to base – no multiple sources of customer demand to align
  • Open platform – we do not lock you in to any mobile / tablet solution – not driving in additional cost to your organisation
  • Simple pricing – if you own the desktop version then you own the Smartphone Quick-Capture version – no additional costs



Alternatively try the Responsive Design version.