Identifying the levels of avoidable contact – or Failure Demand – in your organisation and highlighting root cause is what we do
Removing these root causes can save costs and improve what you do for your customers
We offer services that cover:
  • Complete solution set-up – customisation, optional remote set-up and all the training necessary to make the tool work for your company
  • Knowledge share – understanding your customer contact and how root cause analysis and failure demand can leverage change
  • Useful Reporting – helping you make the most of the solutions vast array of automatic and bespoke visual reports
We offer support services that cover:
  • Service availability – ensuring service uptime
  • Ticket management – raise incidents with our business, technical or consultancy guys
  • Enhancement requests – we are always looking to improve our products and services

We are happy to recommend other companies that will be of great benefit to you:

  • Vanguard Consulting Ltd – The best consultants around for helping you achieve astonishing improvements in service, efficiency, revenue and morale. We believe our solution complements their offering perfectly and we cannot recommend them highly enough – so head over to their website if you really want to be converted in the ways of systems thinking

Using the Vanguard Systems Thinking Method, customers have saved millions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros, turned around customer service, won national awards and gained competitive advantage.