The big difference between our Demand Analysis products and other software is that all the features in our tool are there as a direct result of requests from our customers. We built our tool with the absolute essentials in mind and then only added a feature when it actually helped users to capture and analyse customer demand. It means we have a feature full product that doesn’t take days or weeks to train people to use. Below we have listed many of the useful elements of our product.

2 click capture

Tired of spending an eternity trying to capture your customers mood, creating coding systems to make sense of what your customers are asking or wondering why your customers cannot navigate your phone system? With the Demand Analysis software you can capture customer demand in as little as 2-clicks.

Popular customer demand rises to the top of the screen to enable your agents to find and record customer demand in seconds. A powerful dynamic search facility is available to enable your staff to interrogate your complete database of customer demand in real-time – reducing the risk of duplicate entries and removing the need for agents or customer to hunt down an elusive code.

Customer’s own voice

Our zero coding solution captures customer demand in your “Customer’s own words” – see what your customers are actually saying not what your managers thought they might be saying when they created their confusing coding system. Have you ever been presented with a phone system with so many options but none that meet your needs – basing business decisions on how frustrated customers guess their way through your IVR is not a sensible way forward. Let the customers own words been seen in your business.

Focus on removing ‘Failure Demand’
It couldn’t be simpler, the greatest lever you have over your costs is the removal of Failure Demand.

Failure Demand is created where you have failed to deliver something to your customer or have failed to fully meet their needs. Typically this will be shown as :

  • Why has my parcel not arrived?
  • I don’t understand what your letter means
  • Why did you not call me back at the agreed time?

Value Demand is what your business was set up to deliver – selling products / service; giving valued advice; helping your customer.

Comprehensive reporting

Real-time data

As well as allowing you to enter customer demand the real power of our tool is to enable your teams to view customer demand in real-time, create and schedule your own customer reports, drill down through Customer Demand Clouds to show data for the last year. Reporting is one of the areas where Demand-Analysis really shines.


    • Popular demand
    • Value vs Failure
    • Root cause analysis
    • Interactive pivot tables – build your own


    • Daily reporting for the previous year
    • Historical daily reporting for up to two years
    • Monthly demand charts
    • Capability charts / Statistical process control charts
    • Frequency charts

Demand Dashboard

This feature enables you to see how levels of Failure Demand vary across your company.

Do they vary by business unit :

  • Head office
  • Contact centre
  • Sales Team

or do they vary by customer type:

  • Online customers
  • Retail customers
  • B2B Partners
  • Internal customers

You can configure a wide variety of options to meet your Business needs:

  • Business units – each business unit manages their own demand and customer groups
  • Customer Demand – Manage, merge and allocate customer demand to best represent your organisation’s needs – Quick Picks is a fast way to control how demand is captured
  • Customer type – list your own business specific customer types
  • Follow-up question – create your own follow-up question to investigate the root cause of customer demand
  • Configurable fields – used to capture any data item you want your agent to record
  • Control access and authorisation levels of your own staff
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