Built to make a consultant’s life a little easier…

Understanding what matters, helping win new business, increasing revenues and reducing waste.


Understanding what matters

Enable clients to accurately capture the voice of their customer before, during and after your intervention.


  • Accurate baseline before intervention
  • Customer Voice – from the frontline
  • Benefits realisation – did it stick
  • Agents find the tool really easy to use
  • Quickly drill down into your data

New business

Make your offering more than an intervention – show potential clients how they will have an ongoing benefit from using your services and gain a better understanding of their customers long after you’ve gone.


  • Embed permanent measures
  • Differentite your offering
  • Added Value for your clients
  • Identify areas of potential future work
  • Ongoing client engagement

Failure Demand Dashboard

Reduce Costs

Reduce the cost of capturing customer demand before and during your intervention. Have reports created automatically and see the benefits of your work in real-time.


  • Works alongside initial listening stage
  • Reduce the cost of embedding permanent measures
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Identify the real issues

We don’t get in the way

Our solution is only here to make your life easier and improve your service offering – we don’t sell consulting service or interact with your clients


  • Up and running in days
  • Nothing for clients to install
  • No long term contracts
  • Completely configurable for you

Failure Demand Dashboard
We know nothing is better than physically listening to demand and recording what the customer says, when initially trying to experience things from the customer’s perspective.

We are here to sit alongside this activity and help you make a stronger case for change. Steven Harrop - co-founder @ Demand Analysis Ltd

Example Reports / Visualisations


Pareto – Top 10 failure demand


Customer demand map


Demand per day


Failure Demand by Customer Type


Failure Demand by hour of day


Capability Chart – demand over time


Customer Demand – interactive cloud


Customer Demand drill down


Customer Demand word cloud


Average Failure Demand per day

Drill down by time of day, demand in different areas, follow-up questions on particular types of demand and much more…

No IT hocus pocus…

We help agents quickly and accurately capture customer demand – we don’t rely on IT, we rely on the frontline staff !

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We build your capability charts

Help reduce collection cost / waste

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Automatically generated reports

Intelligence from frontline staff

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Embed permanent measures

Make a stronger case for change

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Detecting failure demand has been the catalyst to improving the way we work – we understand our customers more and we’ve been able to turn data into intelligence that has really made a difference to the service our customers receive.Matthew Hedges, Head of Relationships, Red Kite Housing